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The art work that appears in the film was produced by talented Adjahdura Artist Joseph Cattermole. Joseph's artwork and work from other Adjahdura Artists is available for sale and can be seen at: http://www.adjahdura.com.au/art

The film's original music soundtrack was produced by talented Adelaide composer and sound designer Ashley Klose. Featuring Aboriginal chanting and clap sticks performed by Quenten Agius and didgeridoo by Chris Angrave, this extraordinary soundtrack will be available for sale soon.

Quenten Agius playing clap sticks and chanting                Chris Angrave playing didgeridoo        

The dance performed in the film represents a significant Dreaming story.  Dance, Art, Music and Dreaming, as seen and heard in the film, form an integral part of Quenten's strong cultural and traditional beliefs.

Talented dancer Chris Angrave performing with Quenten Agius and Calvert Agius, as seen in film


The film is multi-layered and features a number of Dreaming stories. For Quenten, Dreaming is his bible, an invisible force that guides him through life and connects all things. Quenten is a keeper of his ancestor’s Dreaming stories. It’s his role to hand this knowledge down to the next generation, keeping culture and traditions alive. Added to Quenten’s responsibility is the pressure of knowing that he is witnessing the desecration and destruction of the last remaining heritage and cultural sites on his traditional lands - sites that are vital to the Dreaming stories and beliefs of his people.

Quenten Agius....”Stories have been told in many different ways, but the old people say the meaning still the same. The Dreaming story I’m telling come from my mother, and her father before her and his father before him. These stories, Dreaming stories of country, have been trusted to her to teach the next generation or the next descendants of the traditional owners of this country. Without being educated in the mind you would not know what the stories mean, now my mother has handed these stories down to me, now it’s my turn to do teaching of the stories down to my generation".

                   Gudly Dreaming                                           Irene Agius telling Dreaming story