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      Kim Mavromatis shooting the final scene            Narrator, Natasha Wanganeen and Quenten

Producer / Director / Writer / Cinematographer
Kim Mavromatis

ABC Executive Producer
David Jowsey

Consultant Producer
John Macumba

Associate Producer
Quenten Agius

Natasha Wanganeen

Andrew Arestides ASE

Sound Mixer
Martin Davies, ABC Adelaide

Music Composer and Sound Design
Ashley Klose

Adjahdura Aboriginal Consultants
Irene Agius
Elaine Newchurch
Quenten Agius
Narungga Heritage Committee

David Ngo

The Cutting Room

Additional Editing / Online Editor
Kim Mavromatis

Sound Recordists
Kim Mavromatis
Vernon Walker

Joseph Cattermole,
Adjahdura Coastal Arts

Musicians and performers

Chris Angrave
Quenten Agius
Calvert Agius

Script Editor
Jeff Bruer

Additional Camera
Gavin Blieschke
Quenten Agius

Sound post-production facilities
Eastside Music and Technology
Maximillian Studios

Technical Support
Kym Rogers and Vince Librandi, AV Central Adelaide

Archival materials
Channels 7, 9, 10 and ABC
Goreta Aboriginal Corp.
Bob Perry, Newsmakers
Heather Croall

Melanie Jose, SAFC
Stephen Boyle, AFC

SAFC Project Officer
Emma Forgie

AFC Project Manager
Stephen Wallace

Developed and produced in association with the South Australian Film Corporation,  Australian Film Commission and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.